Equal Opportunity for All ….regardless of race, creed, sex, age, or disability

Respect for our American History …. teaching our children to value and respect our Country, our Constitution, and each other; providing parental input into what is taught in school; acknowledging our past shortcomings; and working together to provide a bright future for all

Strong and Secure Borders ….promoting legal immigration according to our laws

All Citizens Given the Opportunity to Vote …. election integrity ensuring only legal citizens can vote

Free Enterprise …. government must only do what individual effort and private business cannot

2nd Amendment Gun Rights ….the right to keep and bear arms must be protected

A Strong and Prepared Military ….to protect our special way of life and our society

Military Forces, Veterans, and Law Enforcement Professionals Deserve Respect ….and must be supported, improved through investment and training, and not be defunded

America’s Greatness Comes from God …. Greatness is a gift from God

We reject the current trend toward lawlessness, socialism, and the lack of border control

We reject the Federal Government’s handling of … COVID …Afghanistan …Border …Economy …and we believe that the government’s mismanagement and dictatorial policies have resulted in hardships, countless unnecessary deaths, and a severe loss of personal freedom.

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